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Material CORDURA 1000d 360g/m
Size S belt 76 waist min 85 max 141
Type of goods Load Bearing Equipment
Водонепроникність No
Мішечок для зберігання No

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«S» Load Bearing Equipment: pixel, 100000003

In stock
Item number: 100000003
2 500 грн
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S belt 76 waistline min 85 max 141


The Load Bearing Equipment is required to redistribute the load from pouches with ammunition and additional equipment from the shoulders and spine to the lower back. This equipment makes it possible to evenly distribute the weight of equipment along the entire length of the belt and create a low center of gravity for more comfortable movement.
The Load Bearing Equipment consists of a belt and shoulder straps with soft shoulder pads and 4 pouches.
The belt has an anatomical shape and allows for comfortable crouching and bending, as the rows of Molle straps in the front can narrow down to 2 rows.
On the back, the belt expands to 3 rows, which allows to place more pouches and securely support the spine.
The belt is made of CORDURA 1000d 360g/m fabric, the straps are made from polyamide (non-flammable). The fillers are made from the EVA foam and Isolon to maintain shape and ensure softening. The inner side has a 3D mesh for better ventilation.
The shoulder straps are made of polyamide and have soft shoulder pads.
The Load Bearing Equipment has high-quality durable accessories made of acetal.


  • Fabric - CORDURA 1000d 360g/m
  • Straps - polyamide
  • Belt – 3D mesh, Isolon, EVA foam
  • 4 pouches
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Пока могу сказать только по визуальным впечатлениям, так как только получил заказ. Плечевые ремни с уплотнителем хорошо прилегают к плечам, прострочка качественные швы не расходятся - нормальная РПС
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