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Potbelly stove "Volya 22", 2222

In stock
Item number: 2222
7 000 грн
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Service conditions in the trenches can be harsh and require reliable and efficient means of heating. Our opal stove is specially designed for the military to provide warmth and comfort in combat conditions. It allows you to quickly create comfort in your trench, ensuring safety and efficient heating.

Technical features:

Our opal furnace has a special design that takes into account the conditions of military use. The furnace body is made of fire-resistant steel, which ensures reliability and a long service life in the most important conditions. The door is equipped with a damper to control the combustion process. The technical characteristics of the stove do not allow you to quickly warm the room and ensure a stable level of heat.

Mobility and security:

Our gas stove has compact dimensions, which allows you to easily move it around the trench. It easily fits in portable equipment and does not create a total volume. To ensure safety, the stove has special measures to protect against overheating and accidental fires.

Effective heating:

The wood stove allows you to efficiently use different types of fuel, such as firewood, briquettes, sawdust and coal. This makes it possible to adapt to the presence of various fuel sources in the conditions of military operations. Thrust control to rationally use fuel and reduce its consumption.

Ease of maintenance:

The stove-bottle has a simple design, which allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. To maintain normal operation, clean the ash chamber and smoke channels in time.

Warranty and military standard:

Our heating furnace meets the military standard and is manufactured taking into account the special requirements for military equipment. We guarantee the high quality and reliability of the stove's operation in combat conditions.


Опалювальна піч – надійний партнер для військових у складних умовах. У ньому вам буде тепло і комфортно в окопах, дозволяючи зосередитися на своїх завданнях. Обирайте нашу газову плиту для надійного та ефективного обігріву під час бойових дій. Ми завжди готові допомогти вам і запропонувати оптимальне рішення для ваших потреб.

Буржуйка гріє добре тепла дає багато, разгорається швидко, можно воду нагріти. Вага не велика переносити можна без проблем.
Печка просто суперская, даже на мой неопытный взгляд городского жителя. Заказали для товарища, еще не пробовали что и как работает, но удобность и мобильность уже отметили )
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