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Female armor plates

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Price for – Female armor plates in Kyiv, Ukraine


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💙💛 Armor plate “SAPI Extra small BZ”, 190x295

2750 UAH

🔰        Armor plate “SAPI Small BZ”, 225x305

3350 UAH

💙💛 Set of armor plates “SAPI Extra small BZ”, 190x295

5500 UAH

🔰        Set of armor plates “SAPI Small BZ”, 225x305

6700 UAH

What is a women's body armor?

Women's bulletproof vest is a specific protection in Ukraine, because small armor plates are almost never produced. Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy it in Ukraine for a simple reason: they are not on sale. Or at a great price.

Patriot's Arsenal began to manufacture women's armor panels in different sizes so that every woman can buy her own protection: light, strong, inexpensive. The cost of plates starts from 2750 UAH/pc.

Characteristics of armor plates for women:

  1. SAPI extra small - 190x295 mm;
  • Weight of a set of two plates: 4.6 kg;
  • Price: 5500 UAH/set
  1. SAPI small - 225x305 mm.
  • Weight of a set of two plates: 5.6 kg;
  • Price: 6700 UAH/set

Some women choose the classic size - 250x300 mm. The selection of plates takes place exclusively according to the dimensional grid, you should not choose a plate by price, so that the plates are properly protected and convenient to use.

Advantages of armor plates for women from Arsenal Patriot:

The armor plates SAPI extra small and SAPI small are made on the basis of the armor plate of the fourth level of protection "Lightweight BZ". This type of plates reliably protects even from several shots with armor-piercing incendiary cartridges provided for by the fifth class of protection, so we can safely say that this type of plates is the best quality choice in its class. We make modifications to the dimensions of this particular type of slabs due to its high quality and withstanding ability in the 4th protection class.

This armor is designed for female soldiers, medics and volunteers because of its small size and low weight.

Among the main features are a record-breaking reduced weight of armored steel of 2.3 kg and a thickness with full coverage of only 21 mm. In addition, the SAPI armor plate has anti-shatter properties and mitigation of armor injury. Also, these plates withstand several shots and do not require instant replacement compared to ceramic plates.

Each batch of armor plates made by the Patriot Arsenal goes through a shooting procedure. In a certified laboratory, they check for compliance with DSTU 8782:2018 under normal conditions. According to the test results, both a certificate for a batch for a period of 6 months is issued, and for each certificate - a test report. We also check the plates with additional cartridges (for example, 7N6M) to accurately indicate the holding capacity of the plates.

In addition, on our website you can purchase side armor panels and a plate carrier and thus assemble your own inexpensive, ideal body armor.

You can quickly order a set along with a slab carrier, try them on at the post office and buy them after fitting, because we have cash on delivery.

Sale and delivery operate throughout Ukraine: Lviv, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kyiv - we will deliver everywhere. Pickup is available in the city of Kyiv.

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  • "SAPI XS" armor plate set 190х295 mm
    Item number: 5001
    5 500 грн
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  • "SAPI S" armor plate set 225х305 mm
    Item number: 5002
    6 700 грн
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    In stock
  • "SAPI S" armor plate 225х305 mm
    Item number: 40081
    3 350 грн
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  • "SAPI XS" armor plate 190х295 mm
    Item number: 40080
    2 750 грн
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  • "Swimmer Cut" armor plate 245х300 мм
    Item number: 3000
    3 750 грн
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    In stock