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Armor plates for body armor from Arsenal Patriot

The Patriot Arsenal was founded immediately after the Revolution of Dignity.

Our goal was to provide decent protection for all fighters who went to the anti-terrorist operation zone.

From 2014 to 2018, the Patriot Arsenal helped thousands of servicemen and volunteers get quality Ukrainian armor plates. We have conducted hundreds of experiments with different materials and tested the performance of a large number of different cartridges. In 2018, we ceased operations and returned to a peaceful life.

However, on 24.02.22 we had to get down to business again.

Already on March 1, 2022, we released the first batch of high-quality armor plates. We are currently producing thousands of armor plates. All batches of our products are certified and tested. We accept payments officially to the current account.

We also give our products for free to those who cannot afford them (specific people)!

Our goal is to manufacture certified armor plates for Ukrainian soldiers. Our mission is to save as many lives as possible.

Product name


💙💛    Vest-cover (plate holder) “HUG Basic”: khaki, MM-14

1500 UAH

🔰           Vest-cover (plate holder) “Tornado”: olive

1900 UAH

💙💛    Armor plate of protection class 4  “Lightened BZ”

3750 UAH

🔰           A set of brone plates of protection class 4  “Strengthened”

6500 UAH


Body armor is now an integral part of a military or law enforcement officer's clothing. When choosing a bulletproof vest, most buyers take into account how much the product costs, and only then look at the characteristics that affect the degree of protection. However, only the quality of body armor is the most important component of ensuring safety in a combat zone.

A wide range of products presented in the catalog of the online store manufactured by Arsenal Patriot makes it possible to assemble a bulletproof vest with the best characteristics. You can buy such products from us inexpensively. We have tile carriers in various colors and sizes.

Selection of body armor and armor panels for them

buy body armorToday, you can find commercially available armor panels of several degrees of protection, each of which allows you to improve the classic ballistic vest in a certain way. The modern industry produces armor plates from various materials. They all differ in weight, strength, and resistance to certain munitions, as well as in the way they are worn. The degrees of protection of body armor are usually displayed using a system of designations such as DSTU or NIJ.

Ballistic vests are the most common type of body armor designed to protect against bullets. They can have different levels of protection - from ordinary small arms ammunition to armor-piercing calibers. All bulletproof vests available in Ukraine are divided into:

  • hard - class B;
  • semi-rigid - class B;
  • soft - class A.

When searching for the best vest option, it is advisable to take into account where and in what conditions the chosen vest will be used. Soft body armor is best suited for police officers and security guards, while semi-rigid versions are used by regular troops. Soft bulletproof vests protect against pistol bullets and sharp objects, while semi-rigid bulletproof vests are able to stop assault rifle bullets fired from a long distance, but are generally ineffective in close combat. Body armor for special situations (for pilots or sailors) also differs from that for infantry.

Rigid body armor is equipped with ceramic or steel armor plates that can provide a high level of protection. Despite their rather high weight, this type of body armor is indispensable in real-world combat. Modern versions of armor plates for body armor can have an anatomical shape and cut corners, which minimizes the risk of injury to the soldier during impacts.

Any vest can be equipped with plates of the required format and composition. The plates need to be replaced when the protective insert is punctured or the intensity of hostilities changes. All bulletproof vests available in Ukraine are divided into 6 classes, each of which guarantees protection of the human body from a specific type of weapon. According to American standards, body armor plates are divided into 5 classes, while according to European standards, all body armor plates can be conditionally divided into 7 classes, because the distribution of body armor according to NATO standards differs in some ways from that adopted by the Ukrainian army.

buy armor platesThe ability of bulletproof vests to stop bullets or shell fragments depends not on how much the product costs, but on the type of overalls and components. When looking for armor plates for body armor, you should pay attention to:

  • material composition;
  • the size of the plate;
  • weight;
  • the thickness of the product;
  • form.

The protection class of a bulletproof vest is determined according to the ballistic table and characterizes the ability to withstand certain means of destruction. Currently, there are armor plates for body armor that can protect a person from:

  • lead bullets with and without a jacket;
  • balls with plain steel or heat-strengthened cores;
  • armor-piercing bullets.

Modern manufacturers produce armor plates for body armor from combined materials. This has a certain impact on the protective qualities of body armor, its performance and durability. Lightweight components help extend the life of the cover and make wearing body armor more comfortable.

Body armor classes and differences

body armor priceThe division into classes is based on the protective characteristics of body armor. It is worth noting that for the needs of military personnel, it is necessary to choose body armor with armor panels of at least class IV protection, as they are capable of holding back 7.62 mm bullets fired from an SVD rifle or 5.45 mm caliber from an AK-47 rifle. These are the most commonly used by the enemy.

Also quite popular are bulletproof vests of protection class V. The cost of their kit is not much higher than the price of plates with a fourth degree of protection, but it is the bulletproof vests with plates with a class V protection that are more suitable for use in close combat (distance of about 10 m).

For use in the field, where the risk of getting hit by fire or debris is much higher, you should take a closer look at body armor plates with an additional protective layer. The price of this type of bulletproof vest component will be slightly higher than the classic version, but it is fully justified by the protective qualities.

Body armor for use in real combat should be as lightweight as possible, as the weight of the plates in the vest significantly affects the speed of the soldier's movements. Body armor for the first line should be supplemented with ceramic or steel plates with an additional protective coating. If necessary, bulletproof vests can be equipped with plates of different characteristics. Specially formatted elements for body armor are used in specific tasks.

Body armor with plates equipped with a universal polymer damper can provide greater protection to the soldier. Also noteworthy are plates that are protected from moisture. It is recommended to use armored inserts in body armor to protect the human body from lateral ejection of the core.

How to buy a reliable bulletproof vest in Kyiv

buy body armor KyivA high-quality and reliable bulletproof vest that will help preserve the life and health of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or law enforcement agencies defending Ukraine can be found on sale in the online store produced by Arsenal Patriot.

On the website, you can find and order products of non-standard sizes, as the company manufactures and sells bulletproof vests and components based on its own designs within the framework of the standards in force in Ukraine. The reliability of body armor is confirmed by certificates, and the cost is affordable. Steel with a hardness of 58-63 HRC from European manufacturers is used to manufacture plates for body armor.

A large selection of high-quality armor panels for body armor of any type and color, sets of plates made of various materials and elements can be found in our catalog. Simple search, the ability to order a quality bulletproof vest or components for it with delivery in Ukraine in the shortest possible time and affordable price are the main advantages of the Arsenal Patriot store. Body armor and components can be shipped from Kyiv to any location. The shipping cost depends on the weight.

All bulletproof vests presented in the catalog have quality certificates and a warranty period. If you have any questions about delivery in Ukraine, the need to quickly pick up a bulletproof vest or buy an inexpensive set of armor plates for a bulletproof vest with certain characteristics, you can always contact the manager.


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Frequently asked questions about armor plates

🔱How many kg of body armor?

Plytonoska weighs 1 kg on average. The minimum weight of two plates is 5 kg, sometimes the weight of the plates reaches 20 kg.

💙💛 What steel is used for body armor?

We use steel from the Swedish concern SSAB, Armox Advance with a hardness of 58-63 HRC.

🔱 Can you run with a bulletproof vest.

You can. Plates have a weight of 2.3 kg and withstand more than specified in DSTU according to the 4th and 5th class of protection.
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