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Level 4 armor plates

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Price for – Armor plates of the 4th class of protection in Kyiv, Ukraine


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💙💛 Armor plate of protection class 4  “Standard”

3150 UAH

🔰        Armor plate of protection class 4  “Strengthened”

3250 UAH

💙💛 Armor plate of protection class 4  “Lightened BZ”

3750 UAH

🔰        Armor plate of protection class 4  “Ultralight”

3750 UAH

Armour plates for Class 4 body armour are inserts capable of protecting the fighter from small fragments of exploding shells and flying bullets. Metal and ceramics, as well as other impact-resistant materials can be used for the production of plates for bulletproof vests. Order quality sets for body armour in Kiev you can in the online shop "Arsenal Patriot".

Body armour 4 class: characteristics and features

Provide reliable protection of the serviceman in the conditions of work on the first and second front line are able to armour waistcoats with armour plates of high 4 and 5 class of protection. When choosing the right option is important to pay attention not only to the size of the plates and the weight of the set, but also to take into account many factors, the totality of which affects the wear resistance of the waistcoat and its protective properties. Of no small importance is also how much the armour costs.

Body armour, which can be bought today in Ukraine, are divided into 6 classes. Class of body armour depends on the modification and type of plates of the armour used. Body armour with armour plates of the fourth level of protection is the most popular option for military and security personnel of Ukraine.

The use of this type of armour allows to provide additional protection of the body, and significantly increases the chances of survival of military personnel using body armour in conditions of real danger to life.

The characteristics that distinguish this type of body armour from other protective equipment are the armour's ability to protect the warrior from:

  • certain types of edged weapons;
  • small projectile fragments;
  • bullets of pistols, revolvers and automatic rifles of 7.62 mm calibre and other modifications.

Plates for completing armoured waistcoats, which provide a high degree of protection for servicemen of the Ukrainian army, are made of high-strength composite materials. Manufacturers of rigid armour of the 4th class for modern bulletproof vests in the work apply Kevlar, as well as ceramic and metal plates.

Armor plates in body armour of class 4 when hit by a bullet or shrapnel can avoid the death of the fighter, because it is quality body armour that reduces the likelihood of defeat of the personnel. To increase the reliability of body armour, armour plates are used, supplemented with a damper made of ethylene vinyl acetate (ballistic felt). This material is distinguished by its lightness and strength, which significantly increases the qualitative parameters of plates for bulletproof vests.

The weight of bulletproof vests equipped with armour plates of the fourth level of protection is significantly higher than similar sets with armour plates of a lower class. Manufacturers, understanding the importance of reducing the bulkiness of armour, are constantly searching for solutions to reduce the weight of ammunition and body armour used by military personnel on the battlefield.

A standard level four body armour weighs about 10 kg. The lightweight plates for the fourth level body armour presented on the website of Arsenal Patriot have been made 400-500 grams lighter. When recalculated per set, this allows to reduce the load on the spine of the serviceman by a very noticeable kilogram when wearing body armour for a long time.

Features of the selection of plates for bulletproof vests

To ensure reliable protection of the fighter, it is important to take into account not only the cost of armor for body armor, but also the tasks that must be implemented during the use of the body armor. The plates should also be selected according to the size of the plate carrier (pouch to carry the plates). The manufacturer's specified parameters of body armour pouches should also be compared with the size of the fighter's clothing.

Armour panels for bulletproof vests on the website of the company "Arsenal Patriot" is easy to choose according to the description provided in the product card. It is important to consider:

  1. Weight. From the weight of the plate will depend on the weight of the bulletproof vest and the comfort of wearing the protection. A body armour plate that is too heavy makes it difficult for the fighter to move around and restricts movement. A heavy plate for body armour can cause spinal injuries when a person falls.
  2. Shape. On sale there are sets for bulletproof vests rectangular and trapezoidal, as well as trapezoidal with cut corners. Such plates allow you to extend the service life of the cover of the bulletproof vest and minimise injuries to the chest.
  3. Material processing features. Ceramic inserts for bulletproof vests are considered disposable, but with an additional layer of lamination, the armour can provide protection even after a shrapnel hits the waistcoat.
  4. Material. Plates for body armour can be made of metal, ceramic material or polyethylene. Inserts made of metal are considered reusable, while armour made of ceramic or polyethylene is not recoverable and usually requires replacement once the coating has been deformed. The type of material chosen determines the protection of the fighter's body, the weight of a set of plates for body armour and their cost.

Compliance with standards is confirmed by a certificate for plates for body armour. The presence of documents - a guarantee of sale of quality and reliable products.

Where and how to buy in Kiev inexpensive kit for body armour

Reliable plates of the fourth level of protection for bulletproof vests are on sale with delivery throughout Ukraine in the online shop "Arsenal Patriot". The company is a manufacturer of plates of a special type, which have increased strength and are characterised by lightness and cost. Armour plates for the completion of bulletproof vests are available in bulk and retail.

Own development of armour plates for bulletproof vests, which have the appropriate certificates, allow to reduce the cost of finished products, which is important for customers who have the opportunity to buy a bulletproof vest with high-quality and reliable armour with protective lamination inexpensively.

The advantage of buying armour plates for bulletproof vests, which degree of protection corresponds to the 4th class in Ukraine, in the online shop "Arsenal Patriota" regular customers call the price and quality, as well as guarantees provided for the entire range of components for bulletproof vests available for sale.

Prices for the company's products (plates for bulletproof vests, plates and ammunition), available for ordering in the catalogue, are current as of the day of placing an order. To find out how much it costs for delivery or to get information about armour plates for bulletproof vests presented in the catalogue you can always ask your consultants. Delivery of sets for bulletproof vests is carried out by "New Post". You can order armour plates of different modifications to complete the armour waistcoat, picking up the plates by size.

Buy armour plate 4 class of protection to complete modern body armour on the site "Arsenal Patriot" can be piece by piece or in a set using the "Basket". When choosing it is worth paying attention to the size of plates for body armour and their thickness, modifications and shape of plates, as well as the composition of the material and its characteristics. If you have any difficulties with the selection of armour sets for bulletproof vests or the cost of shipping, you should contact our consultants.

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Frequently asked questions about class 4 body armor

🔱 What is the plate in the class 4 body armor?

Can pierce a bullet higher than class 5 according to DST.

💙💛 How much does a class 4 bulletproof vest weigh

The weight of the body armor can be from 6.3 kg. It depends on the weight of the selected plates and their number.

🔱 How long can you wear a class 4 bulletproof vest?

If the slab was hit, the slab should be checked for splits and palling of the anti-ricochet coating.
  • 4 level "light" armor plate set
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  • 4 level "ultralight" armor plate set
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  • 4 level "light" armor plate
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  • 4 level "ultralight" armor plate
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  • 4 level "light" armor plate set without cut corners
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