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Level 5 armor plates

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Price for – Armor plates of the 5th class of protection in Kyiv, Ukraine


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💙💛  Armor plate protection class 5  “Strengthened”

3750 UAH

🔰         A set of brone plates of protection class 5  “Strengthened”

7500 UAH

Armour plates for body armour class 5 are special plates required to provide protection to a serviceman in a combat zone. Manufacturers of plates for bulletproof vests use not only metal, but also ceramics. Depending on the modification, other bulletproof materials may also be used.

All body armour, which can be bought today in Ukraine, are divided into 6 main classes. Class of body armour is determined based on the type of armour plates. Body armour with armour plates of the fifth level of protection is ideal for most Ukrainian soldiers serving in combat units.

Body armour of the 5th class: characteristics and features

To ensure reliable protection of Ukrainian fighters who serve in frontline conditions, body armour with armour plates of the 5th class of protection can be called the most suitable. Body armour, complete with plates of the fifth level of protection can protect soldiers from flying bullets, including armour-piercing-incendiary type.

When choosing a suitable variant of protective elements for body armour, it is important to take into account the size of plates and weight of the set, as well as to assess the factors, the totality of which will greatly influence the need for a special approach to the search for armour. The cost of the body armour is also quite important.

The quality and wear resistance of plates are always interrelated. Their ratio determines how much an armoured plate for a bulletproof vest costs. The price of a product of proper quality can not be low. Inexpensive will cost only products that come on sale from a direct manufacturer.

Class 5 armour is capable of providing quality body protection, which increases the chances of survival for military personnel using body armour in conditions of real danger to life. The armour plates in Class 5 body armour have increased strength, and this is what makes it possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of injury to personnel. Important characteristics that distinguish the fifth class body armour from other protective equipment is the ability to prevent injuries due to the use of enemy bullets from:

  • pistols and revolvers;
  • automatic rifles and other modifications of weapons 5.45 mm, 7.62 mm.

The weight of armoured waistcoats equipped with classical armour panels of the fifth class reaches 10-12 kg, which is higher than the weight of an armoured waistcoat with armour plates of a lower (e.g. fourth) class. Armour manufacturers manage to reduce the overall weight of protective equipment, in particular body armour, by using new developments and modern technologies.

Plates for completion of armour waistcoats of the fifth level of protection of soldiers of the Ukrainian army by the company "Arsenal Patriota" are made of high-strength composite materials, as well as steel.

Manufacturers of hard armour of the 5th class for modern armour waistcoats with ceramic or metal plates in the work apply a special material that allows to minimize the risk of injury to the fighter when a bullet hits the armour. The damper made of ballistic felt does not affect the weight of the body armour, because the material is light. The strength of the additional layer makes it possible to increase the quality indicators of the plates.

Important points of selection of plates for bulletproof vests

Before ordering plates for body armour, which will provide reliable protection for the fighter's body, experts recommend taking into account:

  • the cost of armour;
  • the type of material of the armour plates;
  • the size of the plates.

When searching for the best option of plates for body armour, it is important to take into account the availability of certificates and compliance of products with standards. The presence of documents confirming the compliance of components for body armour with the requirements guarantees the purchase of high-quality and reliable products.

Evaluating the tasks to be implemented in the course of using the body armour, the set of which contains armour plates corresponding to the fifth protection class, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the cover for carrying the armour plates. For plates of the 5th level of protection, it is desirable to buy plytonoski with additional straps for tightening. When looking for armoured waistcoats, you should also pay attention to the compliance of pockets for armoured inserts with the dimensions of armoured plates specified by the manufacturer.

Protective armored plates for bulletproof vests on the website of the company "Arsenal Patriot" is easy to select by the description provided in the product card. When selecting should pay attention to:

  • the weight of the armour plate;
  • shape and size;
  • material.

Correctly comparing the characteristics, it is easy to complete the armor plate for certain conditions of use.

Material for the manufacture of armor for the completion of modern bulletproof vests is no less important than the shape and thickness of the plate, because this criterion affects the life of inserts for body armor and the weight of protective ammunition.

Plates for bulletproof vests can be made of either metal, ceramic material or polyethylene. Metal inserts for bulletproof vests have a higher cost and durability, while ceramic and polyethylene inserts for bulletproof vests, which can be bought inexpensively, immediately become unusable when hit by bullets. In this case, ceramics with an additional layer can be suitable for use and after hitting the waistcoat striking element.

It is worth noting that the type of armour plate will depend on the weight of the waistcoat as a whole and the convenience of using the means of personal protection. A too heavy body armour plate greatly complicates the movement of the fighter and limits the speed of his movement. A heavy plate for body armour, especially in combination with a cover that does not lock into shape, can cause chest or spinal injuries.

Lightweight plates for body armour of the fifth level, presented on the website of the company "Arsenal Patriot", are designed taking into account the real needs for protection on the battlefield. The use of composite materials makes it possible to reduce the load that occurs when wearing body armour for long periods of time.

Most varieties of plates, which can be purchased to complete the armour waistcoats of the 5th level of protection, have a trapezoidal shape. Such an engineering move manufacturers of body armour allows you to reduce the weight of the armour, adapts the plate to the anatomical features of the body and does not interfere with the movement of the hands.

On sale in Kiev and in Ukraine you can also find sets for body armour with plates of rectangular shape, as well as octagonal (rectangles with cut corners). The outline of armour plates should be chosen based on the available cover for plates (plitonoski).

Where and how to buy inexpensive plates for body armour in Kiev

Order with delivery across Ukraine quality kits for the creation of modern and reliable body armour in Kiev you can in the online shop "Arsenal Patriot". Armour plates of the fifth level of protection for bulletproof vests are produced by the company taking into account the basic requirements for the protection of warriors on the battlefield. Products from the company "Arsenal Patriota" is distinguished by:

  • durability;
  • light weight;
  • low price.

Armour plates for bulletproof vests can be bought piece by piece and set, as well as place an order for the purchase of a bulk batch. Buying plates of different levels of protection, you can lighten the body armour without losing its main protective qualities. Quality certificates are provided for all armoured inserts to complete bulletproof vests, and our own production allows us to produce armour that is inexpensive.

Prices for plates for bulletproof vests on the site are indicated on the day of registration of the application. To find out how much is the cost of delivery, make an application for a bulk batch of armour, specify the characteristics or get information about armour plates for bulletproof vests is always possible to consultants. Specialists are ready to help in selecting the optimal set of plates for body armour, taking into account the real needs of fighters performing tasks on the battlefield.

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Frequently asked questions about class 5 armor plates

🔱How much is a class 5 bulletproof vest

The cost of the bulletproof vest — from UAH 8,600. 5th class set — UAH 7,500. Plate carriers — from UAH 1,100.

💙💛How much does a class 5 bulletproof vest weigh

The minimum weight of a class 5 bulletproof vest is 9 kg.

🔱 What kind of bullet penetrates a class 5 bulletproof vest

Can penetrate a bullet above class 5 according to DSTU.