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Protection level 4
Material Armox Advance 5 mm
Plate weight 2,3 kg
Set weight 4,6 kg
Side facing available yes
Protection lamination available yes
State Standards of Ukraine АК-74 5,45х39: 7Н10с (910±15 м/с), СВД 7,62х54: 57-Н-323с (850±15 м/с)
Effective additionally against 5,45х39: 7Н6М
Plate width 21 mm
Area of protection 5,3 dm3
Size 190х295 mm
Manufacturing country Ukraine
For girls yes
Водонепроникність No
Мішечок для зберігання No

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"SAPI XS" armor plate set 190х295 mm, 5001

In stock
Item number: 5001
5 500 грн
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"SAPI XS" armor plate set 190х295 mm


"SAPI XS" (extra small) armor plate provides an ideal combo of weight and protection. Hence it will fit fragile girls and boys. The plate weighs only 2.35 kg and can retain a 7,62x39 armor-piercing incendiary bullet, class 5.


SMALL ARMS PROTECTIVE INSERTS are the armor plates that protect from firearms. Such a type of plates is used by the U.S. Army. We have launched the production of these plates, as we received many requests to procure larger plates, as well as plates that would fit both our male and female defenders. The variety of sizes of the plates enables to choose armor plates that would be most convenient for you.

Armor Steel

The Armox Advance armor steel used for these plates is from the best manufacturer in the world - the Swedish SSAB with hardness of 58-63 HRC and nominal thickness of only 5 mm! The correct processing of this steel allowed us to produce plates that meet level 4 of the State Standard of Ukraine and even more. Our plate can retain at least 1 shot from AKM 7,62x39, bullet 57-B3-231 (armor-piercing incendiary) even in the toughest lab conditions.

Anti-fragment capabilities

We use the lightest materials developed by ourselves to counter the ejection of the core and fragments of the bullet shell. The front part of the armor plate is covered with a special Ukrainian-made ballistic felt, which we additionally laminate with a special layer of PVC film to protect the plate from moisture and water. The felt is cut in accordance with the exact plate dimensions and applied under a special method of several-hour pressing. This allows the coating to firmly adhere to the plate and not fly away even after 6 shots.

But that's not all. We are always moving forward, that's why we added our unique development – side facing - to our plates. This material has density of 800 kg/m3! We press each plate with facings in a special device, where we leave it for an hour and a half. This method ensures that the felt adheres to the metal and makes them work as one, making it nearly impossible for the core to fly out from the side when hitting the edge of our armor plate.

Reducing the blunt force trauma

On the back of every plate, we install a softening damper made of EVA material that is 8 mm thick and has density of 80 kg/m3. Unlike a standard damper made of foamed polyethylene or rubber with density of 30-35 kg/m3, our damper almost does not deform over time and shows better results in reducing the blunt force trauma.

"SAPI extra small" armor plates have minimal backface deformation from being hit by the rounds from Dragunov sniper rifle or other sniper rifles.

Form and dimensions

The armor plate has dimensions of 190x295 mm and an anatomical curve in along the chest. The cut angles do not restrict movements and enable the convenient use of firearms. The thickness of the plate with full coating comprises only 21 mm.

XS (Extra Small): 190x295 mm

It is suitable for guys with the chest circumference up to 92 cm.

It is suitable for girls with the distance between the nipples of up to 185 mm.

State Standard of Ukraine, certificates and tests

Each of our plates belongs to a certain batch, has its own unique number and production date. Each batch of armor plates is submitted to a certified laboratory, where they are checked for compliance with the 8782:2018 State Standard of Ukraine under normal conditions. According to the results of the tests, a certificate for the batch is issued for a period of 6 months. A test report is attached to each certificate. You can find these documents on the webpage of each product.

According to the State Standard of Ukraine, each 4 level armor plate can retain the following:

  • Dragunov sniper rifle, 7,62-mm rifle round 57-Н-323с (steel core light ball) in a steel shell with steel core. Bullet velocity of 850+/-15 м/s.

  • АК-74, 5,45-mm round, 7Н10c bullet in a steel shell with steel heat-treated core, bullet velocity of 910+/-15 м/s.

*Since 1989, without changing the appearance and marking, instead of steel core light ball, a round with CT-M2 bullet with a core hardness of 65 HRC is produced and is similar to the B-32 bullet level 6.

It can additionally retain the following:

  • АКМ 7,62х39, bullet 57-БЗ-231 (armor-piercing incendiary) in a steel shell with steel heat-treated core.

  • АК-74, 5,45- mm round, 7Н6М bullet.

Difference from ceramic plates

Any ceramic plate has two disadvantages:

  • It is disposable and needs to be replaced immediately after the first shot. This is exactly what happens in the world practice. There are always spare ceramic plates for each fighter. Plates made of armor steel can retain several shots and do not require immediate replacement.

  • Backface deformation of a ceramic plate is much greater than that of an armor steel plate. Using ceramics without a ballistic vest with a package will likely cause a large blunt force trauma that will result in a broken rib or even damaged internal organs. Plates made of armor steel do not have such backface deformation and transmit the bullet energy over the entire plate, and not over a certain point. Hence, they have better indicators for reducing injuries.

Пост благодарности ) за скорость обслуживания, заказ нужен был "уже на вчера" - заказ оформлен быстро и также был передан на доставку. Пошта тоже не подвела и посылка не пришла а фактически прилетела )
Два тижні назад, замовляли цей комплект. Хочу подякувати за швидкість обслуговування - треба було дуже швидко і нам пішли на зустріч.
Прикольный комплект, качество на высоте ы стоимость адекватная, а если сравнивать с импортными аналогами, то это вообще не цена ). Заказ обработали быстро, новая пошта тоже не подвела.
Нормальні плити, невеликі за розміром, досить зручні, рухи не сковують. В старій плитоносці не теліпаються, але все-таки краще брати нову плитоноску.
Вітаю) Дякую менеджеру-консультанту за його поради та терпіння. Ми підбирали плитки для жіночого броніка, за словами нової хазяйки цього комплекту все лягло ідеально.
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