What is SAPI?
SMALL ARMS PROTECTIVE INSERTS are the armor plates that protect against small arms. Such a type of plates is used in the US Army. We have launched the production of these plates, as we received many requests to procure larger plates, as well as plates that would fit both our male and female defenders. The variety of sizes of the plates enables to choose armor plates that would be most convenient for you.


 Do the plates have quality certificates?
Yes, each individual batch of plates undergoes proof shooting with additional ammunition rounds in accordance with the State Standards of Ukraine, and is then issued a certificate. Certificates and shooting protocols are open source documents (can be found in each individual product card).


— Is it possible to return the plate in the event of it being shot through?
According to the Law of Ukraine, goods can be returned within 14 days. Should the plate be shot through, we would need to discuss the issue in order to understand how and with what the plate was shot through. If the norms of the State Standards of Ukraine are violated, we will not replace the plate.


 Are there discounts for the AFU?

We sell plates at the lowest prices, taking into account the quality of the product, therefore, we do not provide discounts for single purchases. There is a system of discounts for the purchase of more than 50 sets. Please contact us by phone, Viber or through a contact button in order to find out more.


— Are the plates waterproof?
Our plates are laminated with a layer of special PVC, which protects against the penetration of moisture and water into the shatterproof coating.


— What are the terms of delivery, once ordered?
We ship orders within a day after receiving payment. 


 Are the plates effective against 7Н6М ammunition rounds manufactured after 1989?
Yes, all our plates are effective against these ammunition rounds.


Is the price indicated only for the metal or for the finished product with anti-ricochet and damper capabilities?
We do not sell metal; we only sell armor plates that are ready for use. The prices for a set of two plates or one plate are indicated on the website.


Can we purchase a damper separately?
Such an option is not available at the moment.


 Is it possible to reglue the plate after being shot through?
Only the plates that do not have side shatterproof protection сan be reglued.


Are the plates available for sale?
You can find the plates that are available in the catalog.


Is it possible to exchange old format plates for the new plates with protective facing?
No, this option is currently not available.