The main purpose of camouflage is to camouflage a certain weapon, equipment or person. Now camouflage is used in all countries and in all branches of the armed forces. For its sewing special fabrics are used, on which a special pattern is applied.

Now there are many varieties of camouflage, but from the wide range stands out a few positions that are distinguished by originality and non-standard. With their help it is possible to camouflage fighters who use a full kit

Forest camouflages

There are many unique forest camouflages, but a few are particularly interesting:

  • Woodland camouflage colouring is chosen when you need a reliable option.
  • Germany has developed Flecktarn camouflage for the troops. It was first demonstrated back in the 90s. Now it is actively used in Central European latitudes to camouflage fighters.
  • English DPM development has excellent camouflage properties. The cost of such camouflage is low. Therefore, the army actively uses it during the war. By the way, even charging stations can be camouflaged.
  • US Marines use marpat Woodland camouflage. The unique colouring provides a comfortable environment for use.
  • The Italians have introduced Vegetato camouflage, which has an attractive design. But it is not very convenient to use it everywhere.

Much of the forest camouflage can be used for Army combat missions by Marines.

Desert camouflages

Several types of camouflage are used to successfully conduct surveillance in desert terrain or combat operations with plytonoskis. The most popular is the Desert 6 military camouflage. The uniform was actively used during an operation in the Nevada desert.

After a while, a modernised camouflage colour was introduced - this was Desert 3. Its effectiveness was confirmed by a large number of successful combat operations in desert terrain during the war.

Already in the 2000s, the first pixel patterns for uniforms appeared. They were immediately adopted by German camouflage developers. After a while, Marpat Desert was presented, which contains a basic pattern. Many countries still use this camouflage, if it is necessary to conduct combat missions in the desert. Infantry can do everything covertly.

Tropentarn military camouflage was used during the military operation in Afghanistan. In its preparation, a combination of several colours was used, which almost repeats the shade of sand. Lightweight, durable and wear-resistant materials are used for sewing such uniforms.

The Italian development is no less interesting. German specialists, who were engaged in the creation of camouflage, took into account all the peculiarities, as well as adopted the shortcomings of previously presented models of the uniform. This made it possible to get a peculiar camouflage colour.

Universal camouflages

Despite the fact that companies were actively engaged in the development of camouflage for infantry, at some point there was a need to create a universal variant. Only universal camouflage can be used in almost all conditions. Therefore, the materials for them were chosen carefully.

The Americans were the first to work on the development of universal camouflage. They presented several variations, among which Multicam still deserves special attention. Figure, which was applied to the camouflage multicam, allows you to fight in almost any terrain. All because such clothes are almost impossible to notice in night vision devices.

The UK has created a universal camouflage, MTP, which is not much different from the American camouflage. It can be used in almost any terrain. But its cost is lower.

The TAZ 83 camouflage is a Swiss design. This country has not been and is not engaged in active warfare. Such a unique camouflage colour is due to the fact that Switzerland has mountainous areas. It is in them that this camouflage will be most effective.