INAP is an individual wearable first aid kit. It contains a variety of tools and medicines that are designed to provide first aid during combat operations. Since most casualties and complications result from untimely treatment, it is important to have a specific kit on hand. The INAP first aid kit contains everything that is necessary to restore the patency of the respiratory tract, as well as to stop bleeding. Their weight is carefully calculated. After all, a fighter needs to wear armour plates of protection class 4 and other attributes, without which it is impossible to do without in combat.

What is included in the INAP kit 

The first INAP kit was designed specifically for the US military. Gradually, it spread to almost all NATO member countries and friendly states. Ukraine was no exception.

The first-aid kits were based on items for stopping bleeding and treating wounds. After a while, they included aids and appliances to deal with airway obstruction.

When creating the pouches and selecting the means, the specialists were guided by certain rules. That is why all INAP first aid kits have the following characteristic features.

  • For the manufacture of the pouch, in which all the means are located, are made of quality material. The fabric is characterised by a high level of strength and durability. It does not allow moisture to pass through. When sewing the pouch, specialists pay special attention to the treatment of seams.
  • The pouch is complemented by a special modular system. It allows you to attach the first aid kit to almost any equipment. The position can be changed if necessary.
  • The pouch is equipped with a certain number of compartments and fasteners. This allows you to conveniently arrange the items needed for emergency assistance. There is an organiser attached to the first aid kit, which can be accessed with one hand.
  • All the products included in the first aid kit have been tested and tried in practice. Their quality is confirmed.

The first aid kits are tested and certified by experts before they are delivered to the military.

What kind of first aid kits are there and how do they differ?

Now there are several types of tactical first aid kits, each of which has its own features, completeness.

Military tactical first aid kit INAP by order of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The tactical first aid kit for the Armed Forces of Ukraine includes not only the standard kit. In addition, it includes a nasopharyngeal airway, which is a tube with lubricant. The airway can be used to prevent tongue retention. The tube should be inserted into the nasal cavity. The tube provides a supply of oxygen.

A sterile gauze bandage is an invariable attribute. It is used to dress a wound or fix a bandage or overlay. For additional protection of the soldier during combat operations you can also use side armour plates or other equipment, which you can find in our shop.

A thermal blanket is used to prevent overheating or hypothermia. It is made of a special density polyethylene film. The film is sprayed with a gold colour on one side (to prevent overheating) and a silver colour (to protect against overcooling) on the other.

To fix the dressing material, to protect cuts, a non-woven leukoplasty is used. Its size is 3x5 cm.

A casualty card is used to record the soldier's condition. This information is later used by doctors to decide on the necessary treatment.

Tactical first aid kit INAP according to the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The MIA first aid kit includes a band-aid as well as a casualty card for the injured fighter. Additionally, a valve film is stowed, which is used when performing rescue breaths.

In order to reduce the chance of infection, a medical bactericidal leukoplasty (size - 6x10 cm) is used.

These first aid kits are lightweight and easy to attach.

IFAK Individual Kit (classic and extended)

The basic and advanced first aid kits IFAK Individual Kit include the standard kit. The kits are also equipped with eye pads. These are used if the eyes are injured during combat or training. The eye pads prevent small particles, dust and dirt from entering the eyes.

Only the extended version of the IFAK Individual Kit includes bandages designed for tamponade. During the manufacturing process, the bandages are impregnated with special compounds that can be used to induce rapid blood clot formation. Blood loss can be reduced with the bandage.

What pre-medical aids are in each variation of first aid kits?

There are several types of military first aid kits for sale. But all first aid kits include certain products. To make the right choice, you need an overview of the products and their features.

Nitrile medical gloves

They are used in wound care and in stopping bleeding. The gloves reduce the chance of infection of the injured person. Available sizes are X and XL.

Turnstile tourniquet

This system is considered to be the most effective and popular worldwide. It is used to stop bleeding. The tourniquets are applied to the arm or leg. For the manufacture of the tourniquet, a special material is used, which can withstand a significant load and active use. The product remains effective even if it is affected by temperature, moisture, fine particles or sand.

Waterproof marker

It is intended for marking information on tourniquets, bandages or other objects. Distinctive feature of the marker is ink with a special composition. Under the influence of moisture or dirt, the inscription will not be washed off or erased. Therefore, waterproof markers can be used in a variety of conditions.

Compression bandage with one pillow

For the first time, a bandage of this type was introduced by an Israeli company. Later, American manufacturers prepared a high-quality analogue. With the help of a cushion, which is supplemented with a compression bandage, you can evenly press the wound. With proper positioning, compression occurs, which contributes to stopping bleeding. The bandage is made of a special polymer that can withstand a significant load. 

To maximise the effect of the bandage, follow the instructions. A sterile pad should be applied to the wound. After that, it is necessary to apply a bandage on top, which will allow you to tightly fix the bandage. And even when carrying the wounded person, the probability of displacement of the bandage with the pillow is minimal. This will increase the wounded person's chances of survival.

Tactical scissors

The need for scissors arises when emergency treatment is required and access to a wound is necessary. The special material used to make the scissors makes them suitable for cutting military uniforms, certain equipment or shoes. For additional protection of the scissor blades, a shank is used.

Occlusive dressing

This product is specifically designed to improve the chances of survival in pneumothorax.

If a fragment or bullet hits the chest area, the likelihood of air entering the pleural cavity increases. Because of this, the pressure inside rapidly increases, and even with active breathing, the lungs will not saturate the blood with enough oxygen. In this case, it is necessary to act very quickly, otherwise it may be fatal.

To relieve pressure, an occlusive dressing or sticker can be applied to the hole caused by the wound. This prevents air from entering the pleural cavity.

The medical device is made of a dense material, which is based on a gel structure. This composition helps to reduce the possibility of air penetration inside. The bandage or patch can be applied to a dirty or wet body. This will not affect the effectiveness of the product.

Haemostatic hemostatic bandage

This product has been developed to stop bleeding. The bandage contains a specially treated inert material Kaolin, which has a stopping power.

The products used to treat the bandage are safe to use. They do not get into the wound and do not remain on the skin. 

In order to make a choice in favour of a suitable individual tactical first aid kit, it is necessary to be guided by the conditions in which the fighter will be in.


Reviewed by Ulyana Radostina