Backpacks are popular all over the world. They are used by schoolchildren, men and women, active travellers, military and other professionals. It is not difficult to find an option that is ideal for a particular case. The first thing to determine is the volume of a tactical, urban or military backpack.

How to determine the volume of a backpack in litres? Classification of backpacks by litre capacity

It is easy to determine the volume of a rucksack. In order to do this, you should measure the width, height, and depth using the appropriate tools. After that, it is necessary to multiply the obtained values. As a result, you can get the exact volume of the equipment in cubic metres or centimetres.

When calculating, it is important to realise that this method only provides an approximate value. The process does not take into account pockets, additional overlays and those sections that are rolled up.

Purpose of the backpack

Before deciding on the purchase of a backpack with a certain volume, it is necessary to determine the purpose and scope of use. In addition, you need to take into account the features of the physique, operating conditions and many other parameters. In order to exclude erroneous investments, it is necessary to pay attention to what litre is convenient and appropriate in this or that case.

Up to 10 litres

These backpacks are used in case of a one-day hike. You can fit only the essentials in it. You can also roll up and stash your jacket, snacks, water, and additional accessories that you may need during the process.

Some models are complemented with pockets and clasps that can be used to secure a few extra items.

10 to 20 litres

It can hold a certain number of items, snack and lunch foods, and a few bottles of water, but it is not suitable for long hikes. Due to the fact that such models are supplemented with various sized pockets, it is possible to conveniently place torches, medicines and other first aid items.

From 20 to 30 litres

These backpacks can be used by hikers or travellers who often go to the mountains or on short hikes. As these models are spacious, they can hold all the essentials.

Backpacks of this litre can hold a first aid kit, certain food items, a few bottles of water, and additional accessories that may be required on the road.

30 to 40 litres

This category includes 40-litre tactical backpacks. They are designed to operate autonomously for three days. In addition, such models can be used if you need to transport equipment, some types of ammunition and useful things. This is quite enough to fulfil certain tasks.

Backpacks of this size are suitable for military personnel who need to carry out mandatory missions for several days. They can accommodate not only equipment, but also a first aid kit, food, and additional accessories that may be required.

40 to 50 litres

In order to smoothly perform certain field trips, as well as other activities characterised by a short duration, you can choose such a backpack in the shop. Most models of this litre have the following features:

  • The presence of a central compartment, which is characterised by its large size;
  • A large number of ties located on the outer side, designed for convenient distribution of the necessary equipment for compulsory tasks;
  • external pockets (not present in all models).

Such backpacks are periodically used to move equipment, the main parts that make up the oversized or non-standard weapons.

50 to 60 litres

Backpacks of this size are used extensively by military and specialised units when carrying out complex tasks that take several days. They are characterised by a large internal volume, which allows you to place a large amount of equipment, necessary items and ammunition inside.

Some 60-litre models are supplemented with clasps, pockets (internal and external), other elements. All this allows you to distribute the necessary things in a certain order. For example, inside the bag you can put an additional belt-shoulder system, accessories for fastening.

60 to 70 litres

The main purpose of these backpacks is for long hikes. Most of these models can be supplemented with special horizontal dividers, which can be used to divide the central compartment into several compartments. This will allow you to distribute Ukrainian ammunition, as well as additional accessories.

Some of these models are equipped with a specially made frame, which increases the level of rigidity of the individual elements of the backpack. The frame helps to evenly distribute the load.

Over 80 litres

Tactical and military backpacks of this type are used when there is a need to move individual components of weapons, ammunition, charging stations and additional accessories. To choose such a backpack should be approached responsibly. It is necessary to take into account the conditions in which the bag will be used. This directly affects the service life, as well as the preservation of basic properties.

In order to correctly determine the volume of tactical, tourist or other backpack, it is necessary to be guided by the main tasks to be performed, operating conditions and personal preferences. All this will help you to choose the right option in our shop.


Reviewed by Ulyana Radostina